Waratah Glass Fencing

Stainless Steel Accessories


D-Clamps are stainless steel brackets that are attached to glass to create additional support when necessary. They can either completely hold glass panels or get added to remove unwanted flex in the glass panels if they are excessively tall (sometimes required for pool fencing requirements)

Glass To Glass Stiffeners

Glass to glass stiffeners are used to stabilise overheight glass panels or to hold panels fixed to decks in alignment long term. Sometimes, when glass is fixed into a timber deck, the timber has a tendancy to swell and contract with moisture, thus putting the tops of the glass panels out of alignment. Even a small 1mm change in the timber will be greatly amplified by the time the change reaches the top of the glass panel. These come in several styles, 90, 135 and 180 degrees and there are also adjustable stiffeners to adjust for any angle.

Glass Pin Fixings

These brackets are used for side mount glass with generally 4 holes in each panel. Although pin fixing is a less ideal option for side mounting glass nowadays, it is still sometimes required if a customer requests the style, or if it is to match up with an existing pin fixed glass fence.

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