Waratah Glass Fencing


Our latches are crafted out of 316L marine grade Stainless Steel, and are designed to effectively withstand extremely harsh environments. Our latches come with 2 stainless steel plates which mount either a Polymer D&D Technologies side-pull closer or 316L stainless steel side-pull closer.

We always prefer to use the highest quality product available, and so, we choose to use the D&D Technologies side-pull latch whenever possible as it has been rigorously tested and improved upon over several years. The polymer side pull latches also come with a key, which allows the owner to lock the gate, preventing anyone without a key from being able to open it.

D&D technologies is also an Australian company which manufacturers everything in Australia, so you can be assured of long term quality, even with a polymer latching system.

Pool gates must open outwards, away from the pool area. To release the gate from a closed position, a person must reach over the gate, down the inside of the fence 200mm, and then pull the latch sideways, which disengages the the throw (male side) from the magnetised catch (female side). With the latch disengaged the gate is now free to open, and once the gate comes back to a closed position with it’s self closing hinges, the throw will be pulled back into the magnetised catch, thus self latching the gate.

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