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All of the glass we use on our projects is 12mm thick A-Grade toughened safety glass. The glass pool fence panels are cut to size, polished and toughened with the utmost care for quality. Nowadays, everything is done by machine, so the ability to achieve perfection in each glass panel is extremely easy.

All of our glass pool fence panels come with a 3mm radius safety corner, to ensure there are no sharp edges along the line of the fence/balustrade if you or your children were to run your hand along it.

Our glass pool fencing panels come in many sizes:

  • In 1350mm height panels, the sizes range from 400mm – 1800mm in 50mm increments. These panels are used mainly for in-ground systems for pool fences or side mount systems for pool fences (if the side mounted area is to meet a 1200mm height pool fence that is top mounted, as the glass generally sits 150mm lower in side mount systems).

  • In 1170mm height panels, the sizes range from 200mm – 2000mm in 25mm increments. These panels are used primarily for pool fencing. The panels are generally placed on 45mm timbers (30mm at the highest point of the fence if the ground is sloping) which generally gives a finished height of 1215mm (1200mm minimum for pool fence compliance).

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  • In 970mm height panels, the sizes range from 200mm – 1850mm in 25mm increments. These glass panels are used primarily for balustrades and often for sectioning off areas of the house or backyard for children or animals. These panels are generally placed on 45mm timbers, which gives a finished height of 1015mm (1000mm minimum for balustrade compliance).

We Can Customise:

More often than not, especially with glass pool fences, there is a need for a customised or shaped glass pool fencing panel. In order to achieve compliance, a glass pool fence must maintain a 1200mm barrier from any stepping point on the ground, or a 900mm distance to the top of the fence if a stepping point is horizontally more than 500mm away. These are just two of the many requirements needed in order to achieve compliance for pool fences, and thus, sometimes glass must be tad larger and shaped differently to a simple rectangle to achieve compliance. Shaped panels are also required often for balustrading where the glass runs down a set of stairs (panels to be paralellograms).

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