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100% Family owned and operated since 2004.

We supply and install anything and everything related to Glass Fencing and Glass Balustrade at the Australian Standards level.

Meeting Australian standards isn't just exercised to pass legal obligations, it also ensures that our structures have a longer life expectancy, higher performance rating and a greater level of safety than other competing companies.

Glass Fencing and Glass Balustrade, when installed correctly, can be installed into any terrain or surface.

The beauty of installing a Waratah Glass Fencing product is that they are all installed correctly and professionally, creating a seamless and timeless structure.

Glass allows light and vision to pass through it, resulting in an illusion of a larger area than what exists. Once a Waratah Glass Fencing Product is installed, it is often difficult to see when looking from a distance, thus giving you unobstructed views of your pool and or surrounding landscape.

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